About Us

A family-owned business since 1977, Denimaxx became well-recognized as a luxury outerwear wholesaler to high-end department stores, later expanding into ski wear and activewear. We then transitioned into retailing with a specialty store on New York’s Madison Avenue, followed by boutiques in Aspen and Vail, Colorado. Among some our famous clients are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Usher, Paula Abdul and Kris Jenner.

Following requests from clients who discovered our collection while traveling, we’ve made it much easier for you to find us. Denimaxx.com is now an online-exclusive destination for women’s and girls’ activewear featuring its signature whimsical pet and animal prints, along with an array of fashion styles. We started with a selection of specific breed-print leggings and masks, and expanded based on popular demand.

Almost by accident, leggings started out at Denimaxx’s original stores on mannequins for outerwear displays. “After customers began requesting to purchase the leggings directly from our mannequins, I came up with the idea to add unique, artistic prints,” says Max Bason, owner and designer of Denimaxx.com.

Today, our best-selling seasonless leggings are designed in our exclusive ultra-soft, super-stretchy fabric and stand out with colorful, creative pet and animal prints. We now carry more than 50 different dog-breed designs for leggings and masks; find your favorites here: https://denimaxx.com/collections/legging/Pet-Leggings  In the near future, we plan to offer a full collection of Denimaxx outerwear, ski wear and accessories for men and women. 

As devoted pet lovers, we donate a portion of proceeds to Amore For Dogs, a Los Angeles no-kill shelter   (https://www.amorefordogs.org).